Building Accountability and Trust in AppleTree P2P CrowdLending

It’s All About Transparency

AppleTree’s decentralized P2P crowdlending platform would ensure a larger degree of transparency by making information available to both borrowers and investors/lenders participating on the platform. Both past and current transactions can be viewed by all participants giving full disclosure of all activities. Whenever a new transaction occurs, it is broadcasted through the entire network. The interaction is both public and shared, with no single intermediary to control the system.

It’s All About Privacy

Blockchains in conjunction with smart contracts protect all parties from providing sensitive information to third parties. The identity of the investors/lenders can be covered by pseudonyms. This, combined with the usage of public-key cryptography to secure interactions, will facilitate a degree of privacy for investors/lenders as well as borrowers of AppleTree decentralized P2P crowdlending Platform. Lenders send funds directly to borrowers without attaching any irrelevant personal information such as home address or phone number, only the amount of fund is visible to other participants in the deal.

It’s All About Reliability

Blockchain is considered reliable because full copies of the blockchain ledger are maintained by all active nodes. Thus, if one node goes offline, the ledger is still readily available to all other participants in the network. Reliability of the AppleTree’s system is established by sharing and storing information on transactions throughout the systems. By the facilitation of automatic measures, we are able to minimize the need for manual intervention and, thereby, greatly reducing the risk of individual mistakes.

It’s All About Flexibility

Obtaining loan or investing funds on AppleTree P2P CrowdLending Platform is comparatively easier than banks or conventional P2P lending platforms. Investors and borrowers can also withdraw their funds/incomes/loans from the platform at any given point of time. All this happens on a safe and secure environment which is free from government interventions.

It’s All About Integrity

By design, blockchains are inherently resistant to the modification of data. Blockchain ledgers are immutable meaning that if data addition or transaction has been made, it cannot be edited or deleted. The integrity of data is secured through peer verification of transactions and the facilitation of direct interaction through public-key cryptography. Thus, every lender or borrower who use AppleTree P2P CrowdLending platform can verify the correctness of broadcasted transactions based on a set of predefined rules.

It’s All About Immutability

The immutability of transactions on the global ledger is a key feature in building trust across AppleTree P2P crowdlending networks. A database build using blockchain technology is designed to remain unaltered and indelible once they have been added to the blockchain. Therefore, immutable transactions as used by AppleTree make it impossible for any single entity to manipulate, replace, or falsify data stored across the network. Immutability enables the highest degree of trust and data integrity as well as improving the overall efficiency of the entire P2P lending networks.