Affordable Fees

The financial industry as we all know is full of various fees, namely transaction fee, processing fee, platform fee, account fee, paper statement fee, counter cheque fee, service fee, consultant fee, and so on – all designed to extract more money from the clients. AppleTree P2P blockchain-based solutions eliminate the additional costs and minimize transaction fees. In some cases, the transaction fee doesn’t even exist. Lower fees mean more saving for borrowers and lenders in the long run.

Accurate and Timely

International transfers can take a long time, in most cases, the transfer takes from several hours to a couple of days, depending on the country, laws, financial organization, and many other factors. Banks often cannot provide the specific time and date the money will reach the account. With blockchain for the P2P industry, the situation is as different as night and day. The transfer is almost instantaneous, typically taking less than 20 minutes for the fund to reach its destination anywhere in the world.

Global Equality

When it comes to money, banks and other financial institutions have built a funnel between citizens of different countries. Several thousands of dollars might be a very affordable sum for developed countries but lending this amount of money may be rather difficult in poor countries. Traditional P2P cooperation between representatives of different countries and social groups is time-consuming, painful and unreliable. AppleTree P2P’s Decentralized Solutions eliminate all the differences and offers the same terms and conditions for everyone from anywhere around the world.

Global Market Expansion

AppleTree P2P CrowdLending Blockchain Solutions create unbelievable conditions for lending procedure improvement. It allows anyone with Internet access to find their place in the world’s P2P lending networks. With our blockchain solutions in place, P2P lending market is no longer subject to any restrictions that banks or financial regulators may impose. Cryptocurrencies enable secure P2P transactions between lenders and borrowers from across the globe, creating a higher level of trust and efficiency in P2P marketplace.